About Us

What is the Wild Horse Mustang Club?

The Wild Horse Mustang Club is an organization of pony car owners centered around Beaumont, Texas. We are an official chapter of the Mustang Club of America. We also hold joint events with the Northside Mustang Club, the pony owners association of the Houston area.

If you do live around or planning to move to Beaumont, come see us. And bring your pony too. We hold our meetings on the first Thursday of every month at select venues around Beaumont.

We also hold regular events for our members throughout the year. Check out our calendar for our next meeting dates, meeting spots, and scheduled events. The Wild Horse Mustang Club is the most vibrant organization of Mustang owners in southeast Texas. We also encourage all our members to join the Mustang Club of America.

When was The Wild Horse Mustang Club founded?

The Wild Horse Mustang Club was founded in 2004. We were chartered as an official chapter of the Mustang Club of America in 2009. Another proud chapter of our history is when we hosted a national show for the Mustang Club of America in Beaumont in 2011.

What is the objective of the Wild Horse Mustang Club?

When Wild Horse Mustang started out, our goal was to bring the Great American Pony Drive to Beaumont. We achieved our initial objective so why do we still exist?

We found out we liked each other and we liked hanging out together, fetching coffee in our ponies, and arguing over who has the better Mustang. We still haven’t reached a consensus on that one yet. But we will keep trying. One day…

Ours is an organization for Mustang owners to meet and exchange information. A not-so-secret secret society for Mustang enthusiasts and owners in the Beaumont area. From noobs who still haven’t gotten the thrill of revving their first pony out of their system to seasoned collectors with entire fleets. We meet, have fun, trade information, and share secrets.

If you have a perfectly preserved vintage or rare Mustang we won’t frown too much if you come to show it off. If anything we will swoon and swarm all over it like vultures on a carcass. We will ooh and ahh and go green with envy wishing we were you. But it’s all good fun.

How much does a Wild Horse Mustang Club membership cost?

The membership fee is $20 a year. Dues are paid every December. If you join after the first of  October, you only pay $10. Club membership applies to both you and your spouse.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Wild Horse Mustang Club?

  1. You get to hang out around a lot of gorgeous Mustangs. Their owners come in varying levels of gorgeousness but they’re all nice and decent people who love their cars as much as you love yours. As a bonus, they’re fun to have around.
  2. You get to be at the forefront of organizing MCA events in southeast Texas.