• The current sixth generation of the Mustangs first rolled off the production line in 2014. It has had a good run. Ford has been test driving a prototype for the 7th generation, codenamed Mustang S650. This new redesign is expected to enter production in 2023 at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. This plant has been making Mustangs since 2005. Ford has also confirmed that V8s are safe for now. The manual
  • Progress comes for us all. Whether we like it or not. Nowhere is that truer than the current auto market. The second-best year on record for Mustangs is 1965. Ford sold 559,000 ponies. The best year was 1966. Ford sold 607,000 units, a record it has never been able to match or even approach. If anything, Mustang sales have been declining ever since. In 2021, The Ford Mustang sold just over 70,000 units globally with
  • “If you want fuel economy, buy a Prius,” some Mustang purist, probably. This is more than just an idle boast. Many Mustang snobs genuinely believe that a pony without a V8 under the hood is lame. Undeserving of the badge on its grille and the respect that comes with it. Are they right? Not entirely. It depends on the model year. History of the Mustang The Ford Mustang is the original American muscle car. Its